Virginia Beach moving company

In-State Move

We offer a top of the line, professional and background checked moving team to ensure respect and care for your belongings and that your move runs smoothly and stress-free! When we conduct local moves, we do so as if we are moving ourselves because once you choose Off-LOAD Moving for your moving company, we take a vow to get your belongings to point A to point B, as the same as we received them from you! Our company has been growing since we began in 2018. Every time we do a move, we add another family to our growing community.

Material Packing

When it comes to the protection and packing of your belongings, we take extreme measures and caution to ensure the safe travel of all your precious items! The process of packing one's house is an experience like no other. You can pack a lot of interesting items and a lot of family treasures as well, which always makes the moves more desirable and personal! We drive ourselves to be personal and treat our clients like family so they know they are in safe hands.

junk removal in Virginia Beach

Junk Removal

With our newest service, our junk removal teams can now help you with downsizing, spring/fall cleaning, home renovations and getting rid of those old or unwanted items. Our Junk Removal services include: furniture disposal, removal of unwanted items, garage cleaning, estate cleaning or business cleaning!